Free pattern: Millie dress

On this page you’ll find the free pattern i recently designed: the Millie dress.  It’s a jersey dress with long sleeves and ruffles on the bodice that go from the front to the back.  I designed this dress during winter, so my daughter is now wearing it with tights underneath. 

This pattern is available in size 3, 4, 5 and 6 and is designed to be shorther than knee-length.  If you have doubts about choosing the right size, choose the biggest size and be sure to check the finished length before you cut your fabric.

You need a little bit of sewing experience (or some help) to make this dress.  It’s not that complicated at all but you won’t find a photo tutorial over here.

I'd love to see your creations, and if you share them on social media please use the hashtag #milliedress.  I wish you a lot of sewing fun!

This pattern is for non-commercial purposes.

Special thank you to Debora Sluijs for making testversions and cute photos!

Measurments ruffles and skirt

        Finished length
38cm L x 1m W
80cm L x 7cm W
36,5cm L x 90cm W
76cm L x 7cm W
35cm L x 80xm W
72cm L x 6,5cm W
33,5cm L x 70cm W
68cm L x 6,5cm W


-       All seam allowances are included
-       Seam allowance = 0,75 cm unless otherwise indicated
-       This pattern is designed to be made with knit fabrics

-       Print and cut all paper pattern pieces
-       Tape the 3 parts of the sleeve together
-       Cut your fabric: 1 x front bodice piece on fold, 1 x back bodice piece on fold, 2 x sleeve (mirrored)
-       Cut 2 strips for the flounces
-       Cut 2 skirt pieces
-       Mark the notches on the sleeves and on the front of the bodice piece

Sewing instructions:
-       Step 1 Preparing the ruffles
1.     Hem one side of the ruffle (long side) using a seam allowance of 1cm and topstitch using a twin needle.
2.     Don’t forget to mirror both ruffles.
3.     Sew 2 parallel gathering stitches on the other sides (the side that you didn’t hem) and don’t forget to mark the center of your strips before you do this.
4.     Put your ruffles to the side.

-       Step 2 Bodice
1.     With the right sides together, sew back and front bodices together at the shoulder seam.  Press seam to the back of the bodice.
2.     Now cut on the dotted line and put the side pieces of your bodice aside for 5 minutes (probably more depending on your sewing speed lol).
3.     With the bodice facing up (in front of you), pin your ruffle to the bodice from front to back, making sure the midpoint of the ruffle is aligned with the shoulder seam. Repeat on the other side.
4.     Sew with the right sides together.
5.     Now sew the side bodice piece to the main bodice piece right sides together with the ruffle sandwiched in between.
6.     Finish this seam with your overlocker or with a zigzag stitch.
7.     Press seam to the middle and the ruffles to the side.

-       Step 3 Sleeves
1.     Attach both sleeves to your bodice piece, making sure you match the notches.
2.     Now close the sides of the bodice piece starting at the end of your sleeves to the bottom of the bodice.

-       Step 4 Skirt
1.     Sew both skirt pieces together at the sides, right sides facing.  Hem the bottom of your skirt with a seam allowance of 2cm and topstitch using a twin needle.
2.     Sew 2 parallel gathering stitches at the top of the front and back of the skirt.  Mark the center of your skirt at the front and at the back and do the same for your bodice piece.
3.     Now match the sides and the middle of your skirt and bodice pieces.
4.     Finish the seam and press towards the bottom.

-       Step 5 Finishing
1.     Hem your sleeves with a seam allowance of 1cm and topstitch using a twin needle.
2.     Do the exact same for the neckline.

You’re finished making your Millie dress :)!

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  1. wow! You have to make this one to mummies also :) its lovely!

  2. Congratulations on this sweet pattern! I can't wait to make a few for my daughters! <3

  3. I can't wait to make this! Thank you so much!